Benefits of Getting Your Kidneys Checked Often


For middle-aged adults and older, there are plenty of benefits to getting your kidneys checked by a specialist. At PALMETTO KIDNEY AND HYPERTENSION ASSOCIATES, we recommend you do so at least once a year. A kidney problem can remain hidden until it has progressed significantly, so early detection is critical. 

A kidney specialist in Columbia, South Carolina, will have better chances of properly slowing down the progression of and treating kidney problems when they are detected early. 

Nephrologists like us are experts at monitoring kidney functions. We can help develop personalized treatment options for patients who visit us often. 

Another benefit of having regular checkups with your nephrologist is that they can prescribe you the proper medications for your kidney problems or what contributes to these, whether it’s hypertension or something else. Some patients may also require maintenance medications, which means they have to come back for follow-up consultations.

For patients with advanced kidney disease, we can do dialysis in South Carolina. We can better choose the type and frequency of dialysis needed, plus assess how effective the treatment is on any given patient when they come in regularly for checkups. 

Similarly, we can also perform kidney transplantation in South Carolina for patients who need it. Our nephrologists are among the best in South Carolina, and we take care of everything kidney-related, including patient assessment, medication management, treatment planning, and execution.  

Suppose you are looking for specialists who can help with kidney health. Look no further. Call us today at 803-233-3700 to learn more. 

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