Specializing in Kidney-Related Problems


When dealing with kidney-related issues, do not postpone seeking professional help any longer because doing so could endanger your health. PALMETTO KIDNEY AND HYPERTENSION ASSOCIATES is here to help you when you are unsure where to begin. You can discuss your kidney-related concern here because we specialize in it and have a trusted kidney specialist in Columbia, South Carolina,on our team. 

We can assist you if you ever require kidney transplantation in South Carolina. We’ll make sure to understand your problem thoroughly and hear your needs to create a treatment plan that could ensure your recovery.

We can assist you with dialysis in South Carolina as well. We focus all of our kidney care services on your well-being. Watching you get well while in our care makes us extremely pleased. Therefore, please share any kidney-related issues you may be experiencing with us so that we can begin treating you as soon as possible. 

Kidney failure is one of several kidney-related issues that might arise. If you ever experience it, we’ll do everything possible to provide you with the best care. Before it is too late, we must take care of our kidneys.

We also provide treatment options for those of you who have diabetes. Don’t ignore any problems with your kidneys you may be experiencing. Your internal organs, like your kidneys, need to be well-cared for just as you would your physical health. If you have any kidney-related concerns, we are here to help. Please don’t wait to schedule an appointment with us today to begin your recovery process!


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